Maior Lift, from the idea to the object.

Maior Lift, from the idea to the object.

“Home automation is the new frontier for the designer dealing with products for the interior, the new objects are created and designed to communicate with other devices in a kind of ecosystem with technological relations and interfaces.”

Giorgio Gurioli, 4 nominations for the prestigious international designers award “Il Compasso d’Oro”, projects displayed at MoMA in New York, at the Denver Art Museum and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, summarizes the challenges that the designers are facing today.

It comes from these premises that part of the Maior Lift design, innovative TV lift of Maior Series. Gurioli thinks it not as an object ending in itself, but as part of an ecosystem.

“This new design of ecosystems is gradually expanding towards the internet of things, where the interaction between needs, objects and the web acquire life of their own, generating transformations in real-time performance and innovative answers that were unthinkable a few years ago.

Maior Lift fits into this universe, where the functions and responses multiply, resolving formally in a totem, together column and biomorphic shape, in a game of continuity between the wall / floor and column”.

The Maior Lift works independently or integrated with home automation systems, goes down, swivels, the continuity between the wall / floor and the column makes Maior Lift an object that integrates the “home ecosystem”. Its presence is beyond its features to become real design object.

“…ambivalent and therefore significant object, even in ’monitor off’ configuration”.

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